xciteGT is the worlds easiest to use full featured Gamified employee training solution. Now your company can apply the latest principals in game design and motivational science to more deeply engage and educate your workforce.

Why xciteGT?

xciteGT was built for companies looking to tailor their learning and training programs to improve employee engagement by incorporating social, mobile, collaboration, immediate feedback, and other next generation Gamification mechanics.

With xciteGT, your company or department can easily add Gamification techniques to your training without the need for programming or IT department involvement.

The Employee Experience:

  • Earn points and badges for completing training tasks (digital or physical)
  • Advance through Levels as skills are mastered
  • Directed through ordered courses and activities
  • Complete Quizes to advance
  • Receive immediate and personalized feedback
  • view real-time ranking amongst peers (team and individual)
  • Receive Company and peer recognition (positive reinforcement) for accomplishments

Course Administration:

  • Incorporate third-party and existing training materials
  • Create new training materials
  • Design company-branded Training experience
  • Define Rules, Order, and Prerequisites
  • Report on employee activities and productivity improvements

Your Brand

The presentation of content within xciteGT takes on the look and feel of your already established corporate portals and employee accesible interfaces. With our integrated page editors, your imagination is your only limitation.

xcite BrandingYour Look and Feel

Your Content

With xciteGT you can include all of your training materials, no matter what they are or where they reside.

  • Text
  • Images
  • Documents, pdf
  • Video
  • Slideshows
  • Audio/sound
  • HTML
media types

Your Program Rules

Use the xciteGT Challenge Builder to

  • Assign one or more ordered Activities to each Challenge.
  • Grant Awards and Points on completion.
  • Trigger Notifications and submit News Feeds when Activities are accomplished.
  • Define the order and dependencies of each Challenge.
xcite BrandingYour Challenge Path

Knowledge Matters

Use the integrated Quiz Designer to build tests that ensure important information is retained by your employees.

  • Define Quiz layout, look, and feel.
  • Allow or Block forward progress as determined by your grade definitions.
  • Prorate points and awards based upon Quiz scores and/or timed completion.
xcite Private Integrated Quizzes

Flexible Deployment Options

xciteGT can be deployed for use as a cloud-based or SAAS implementation. Under this model, all software, hardware, and data storage is situated on a remote server under our management. This is the simplest method of deployment. You can start today.

xcite SAASxciteGT SAAS

xciteGT can also be deployed on a private server. Under this model, all software, hardware, and data storage is managed by you, in your network. This solution is ideal for companies that require the storage of employee information (even non-sensitive) to reside under their protected infrastructure.

xcite PrivatexciteGT Private

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