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As gamification grows in popularity, there are increasing opportunities to integrate game mechanics and program design into existing enterprise class software systems: elearning, sales, corporate collaboration, call centers, etc.

For large corporations looking to integrate Gamification into their enterprise systems, despite first impressions, it is always difficult, costly and risky to stand-up employee facing Gamification solutions utilizing one of the leading Gamification engine providers. We know, we’ve done it many times.

And having done it .. we understand in great detail the internal resources required to successfully add Gamification to your LMS, CRM, Collaboration, and Call Center. Fill out the Contact Us form if you would like to discuss Gamification Engine and Integration resource requirements. emtivate can help you mitigate your risks by providing a comprehensive view on the internal resource requirements and best practice implementation strategies.

For companies interested in applying Gamification to their employee training on a departmental level, xciteGT provides the simplest and least costly solution. While xciteGT is designed to be self-managed, we have skilled experts ready to help you build your Gamified training programs.

Regardless of your final platform selection, emtivate can help guide you through all aspects of project implementation.

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