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At emtivate, we help companies select, integrate, deploy, and optimize Gamification concepts and solutions. While xciteGT may be the solution for you, given our vast first-hand experience in the successful implementation of Gamification projects within all size businesses, we can help you select the appropriate Gamification solution. Contact emtivate to gain insider knowledge on the technical, programmatic and operational requirements needed for successful Gamification programs and engine deployments. Just fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you.


Our Team


David Tyler
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

David brings over twenty years of business development experience to emtivate. As a senior level executive at CMP Media, David founded and built successful global technology media licensing and sales businesses. CMP was acquired by UBM for $920 million. After David’s 14 years at CMPX, he held executive level global business development roles at a number of venture funded startup companies including: Solbright (acquired by Operative), Peerstone Research, WeeWorld (Benchmark and Accel Partners), Medicalogic (acquired by WebMD), QuantiaMD (acquired by PI).

In 2009, David joined Bunchball Inc. as an Executive Team member and the company’s first Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales. At Bunchball, David saw first hand the impact that Gamification can have on motivating employees and channel partner engagement, when applied properly. Bunchball was acquired by Parallax Capital in March, 2015.

David co-founded emtivate and built xciteGT to help companies minimize the risk, cost, and effort needed to successfully deploy Gamification within an employee training context.



John DiTroia

John DiTroia
Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

John brings over twenty years of technical management and development experience to Gamification Technology Analysts. Over his career, John has filled senior roles in software development, including product and application design, development, implementation, support, and management. As the Worldwide Vice President of Professional Services at Tumbleweed Communications (now Axway), he led the organization to sustained profitability. There he was responsible for the implementation of Secure Messaging and File Transfer systems at many Fortune 100 companies including no fewer than six of the top ten U.S. financial institutions, as well as tier one organizations in the healthcare and supply chain verticals.

Prior to joining Tumbleweed, Mr. DiTroia served more than ten years as Vice President of Infrastructure Development at Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) where he was instrumental in the design, development, and deployment of award winning banking application platforms including InfoStation, Insight, and WorkSpace.

John became proficient in Gamification while working as a senior consultant to a leading Gamification platform provider and working through many strategic and successful engagements. Currently John is implementing the concepts of Game Mechanics into the business systems of Fortune 100 Institutions. Utilizing his experience in large scale systems design and integration, he has demonstrated the ability to effectively integrate, develop, and deploy Gamification strategies into virtually any existing infrastructure in an efficient, cost effective manner.

John’s technical design and team leadership capabilities range from the ground-up development and sales of small specialty apps through complex enterprise solutions and cloud-based systems.



Barry Kirk

Barry Kirk
Gamification Design Thought Leader and Emtivate Advisor

Barry is a Gamification visionary. He has lead numerous client engagements applying the latest thinking in neuroscience, gamification and social media to the design of new engagement programs across multiple market sectors including retail, financial services, the auto industry, and telecommunications. 

At Bunchball, the former leading Gamification company in the US, Barry was the senior-level consultant/designer of digital strategy initiatives for a wide range of clients across the retail, CPG, healthcare, telecommunications and technology verticals. His focus was to design strategies that integrate clients’ disparate digital marketing and social media initiatives into a holistic engagement strategy utilizing the science of Gamification.

Barry speaks regularly on the latest developments, theories, and best practices surrounding the use of Gamification in business settings and leads many thought provoking design/innovation sessions.

Barry is currently the Vice President of Loyalty Marketing Solutions at Maritz Motivation Solutions and acting advisor to the executives at emtivate.



Sam Abramovich

Sam Abramovich
Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo (UB) – SUNY and Emtivate Advisor

Sam is one of the world’s leading scholars on the impact of Gamification on motivation and learning outcomes. Trained as a learning scientist, Sam uses advanced statistical models and case studies to find and understand opportunities that emerge through the intersection of social technologies with cognitive psychology. His current research unpacks how people can learn and have larger impact on their organizations through Gamification and peer assessment.

Prior to coming to UB, Sam was a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University. He has been named a National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellow, an Edmund W. Gordon MacArthur Foundation/ETS Fellow, and a HASTAC media scholar. Prior to his academic career, Sam worked for several IT companies including Tumbleweed Communications (now Axway) and Netegrity (now Computer Associates) as well as a brief stint as a Social Studies Teacher.